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Painting meets the power of nature

Thomas Stokkedal, 35, is a flexible entrepreneur in an industry characterized by fierce competition. After many years as a painter and versatile craftsman, he chose to start his own company just over a year ago. Today he has two employees and several major customers in Narvik, where the company is located.

We have to constantly adapt and be ready to do any job. It is important to have the attitude “I will fix that!”. The construction and painting industry gets tougher every year and it is important to be both good at what you do and be able to compete in every possible way.

Since he finished his education 17 years ago, he has continued to further develop his knowledge and skills in both a Danish painting academy and with courses in various disciplines.

   - More and more customers want help with graining and marbling, so I attended a course to become even better at it. One must be responsive and interested.

The most common assignments is about painting, apartment renovations, carpet and floor coverings in all kinds of areas, both a large and small scale.

   - I work a lot with companies, but also with ordinary people who want to renovate their home. It can be plastering or building of stud walls in an apartment one day and spray-painting floor to ceiling in an industrial building of many thousand square metres the next.

The work requires a lot from the body. Thomas, who is both a ski enthusiast and an amateur wrestler himself likes the physical demands that comes with the profession.

   - It is a challenge for us who are doing this kind of job not to get into too many static positions. One must have a strong body and take care of himself. When I wrestle I do it for fun, but it is very good exercise too.


Name: Thomas Stokkedal.
Age: 35.
City: Narvik, Norway.
Employer: Self-employed.
Occupation: Painter, craftsman.