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170 degrees on the road

It goes fast. The truck is fully loaded and weighs 56 tons. Viola Andersson, 23, sits behind the steering wheel and operates the vehicle.

   - When the truck is loaded it is really heavy and goes slowly uphill. It is important to drive cleverly and at the right speed - especially downhill. For me a lot goes automatically, but it is important to be focused and think so that everything goes as it should. It is not only to go from point A to point B, there may well be parts of the road where you need to be prepared.

Cause there are many risks, says Viola.

   - We may actually be run over when we work on the roads. That is why it is important to have really good workwear with many reflexes to be visible all the time.

Her truck is almost 17 metres long and a container is standing on the trailer. It can best be described as a gigantic bathtub containing hot and steaming asphalt – and with protective insulation.

   - It is 170 degrees and must not cool down. It would be really bad. All my work would then be in vain.

The mission is to obtain the viscous mass at the asphalt plant and then drive directly to the roads that should be built or repaired. There is everything from highways and bicycle lanes to roundabouts.

   - There is obviously a time pressure. An asphalt paver is waiting for me, so when I have loaded my truck at the asphalt plant I drive straight away. There is a lot of driving back and forth.

It is a special job. Viola lives in Växjö, the haulage company is located in Jönköping and she has the whole of Sweden as a workplace. Literally. It involves long intensive working days and many days in a row away from home. The truck becomes her home during the weeks.

   - I really like the job with all that implies. We who are out working together becomes likes a team with the same goals. It is we who must solve and I really appreciate being a part of it. I have always liked driving so it is a perfect combination.


Name: Viola Andersson.
Age: 23.
City: Växjö.
Employer: Jimi åkeri.
Occupation: Truck driver.